New Guide To The Garden Revolution

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It’s finally here – the much-awaited Garden Revolution: How our landscapes can be a source of environmental change by Larry Weaner and GardenRant’s own Thomas Christopher. It’s described as the next step along the path started by Sara Stein and Douglas Tallamy, guiding us in the move from traditional horticulture to ecological gardening.  And it’s so needed; after all, the move to naturalistic gardening in recent decades really just meant less formal design, not a change in gardening practices.

I like my eco-gardening guidance from actual do-ers – people like Larry who design, install and then manage the gardens they create. (The book is based on Larry’s experience and written in his voice.) While his projects are often multi-acre tracts, there are plenty of take-aways in Garden Revolution for regular homeowners, and here are my favorites.

Peter SpenceNew Guide To The Garden Revolution

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