Fitness and Health Journey

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Do you feel good but not great? Do you eat “right,” exercise regularly, and still feel like you must be missing something, but aren’t sure what it is?

Let me be the first to tell you, I’ve been there.

As a certified nutrition therapy practitioner and lifestyle coach I make it my job to figure out what being healthy and happy really means and how absolutely anyone achieve it.

About a year ago I had been working with clients for 6 months after years of schooling and certification. I was getting great results assisting people to lose weight, feel confident and purpose-driven, and overcome dis-ease and disease.

Personally, I had found a diet that worked wonders for my past problems with anxiety, uncontrolled weight gain, and over-restriction. I was at a point where my exercise routine of gentle, meditative yoga and Crossfit had me feeling confident in my body.

Most days.

However, I still felt like there something missing. I was still easily ruffled by criticism. I felt like I always had to “defend” my way of life (and even proselytize about it at times). And underneath all this I was still having trouble staying motivated. I felt like my diet and exercise regime was “work” and that if I were to let my true desires to take over I would fall right off the wagon again.

Peter SpenceFitness and Health Journey

Peter Spence

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